Christmas accommodation in Exmouth and cyclones

With all the talk of cyclone season in the North West approaching, I think it is a timely reminder of what we need to think ahead and be prepared. Last year after the Carnarvon Floods, we struggled to get our guests from the south, mostly Perth, into Exmouth. One brave soul, drove an extra 4 hours via Newman and Tom Price and came into town via the inland road!

In your accommodation you will find cyclone information, please read this booklet, be alerted to the radio broadcasts on the ABC North West, be mindful of the ‘alerts’ as colour coded at the Police Station on Maidstone Cres. Make yourself familiar with what is happening around you, and talk to the neighbours if in doubt. Or ring me.

Note that we do refund your accommodation funds should there be a cyclone and you are unable to drive or fly into Exmouth due to tropical storms. Should you just change your mind because the weather is a little stormy or the waters not a blue as usual, then unfortunately we dont deem that as a refundable cause. If the weather is dangerous, then we will refund. Please read your booking terms and conditions, it is fully explained.

Christmas in Exmouth is a warm time of year, we recommend that you are fully prepared for the above 40deg temperatures. It’s not a holiday when you are locked in your airconditioned accommodation.

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