Coral Bay or Exmouth?

Lately I have had conversations with potential guests enquiring as to whether they should base their Ningaloo Reef holiday experience in either Coral Bay or Exmouth. Two trains of thought here.

Yes Coral bay is gorgeous, and the reef is ‘just there’. Its a one street town and with that comes all the charm of a small remote community, on a glorious beach, in the best state in Australia.

But, because it is so small, there is little to no accommodation available. Only the very organised, booking many years in some cases for prime spots, have the opportunity to stay in Coral Bays’ very limited accommodation.

So if you are hell bent of basing your reef exploration in Coral Bay then BOOK EARLY, very early.

However, Exmouth may be another 150km away, but with a little less forward planning, you can find accommodation relatively easily. Obviously peak periods sell quickly, you may need to think ahead 6 months. But the choice is far greater than in Coral Bay.

You can also get to the reef very easily from Tantabiddi (38km from town) or Bundegi ( 13km from town) via the boat ramps.

Choice is everything. But planning your holiday often years in advance can prove tricky!

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  1. The accommodation in Coral Bay can be difficult at peak times such as school holidays, but there are plenty of options – caravan parks, cabins, hotel, houses, check out for a look at some of the houses and other accommodation alternatives.

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