Fishing Report – 11.12.2010

This week is all about the girls out-fishing the boys.  We will start with Marilyn Taylor who was out fishing with partner Stuart Lindfors in the Exmouth Gulf.  The couple headed out from the marina when Stuart managed to
catch a golden trevally on a small baitcaster with 9kg line using a 55g gold twisty. Stuart was feeling rather chuffed.  Then Marilyn hooked up to her first queenfish not far from the marina.  This fish is pictured this week
and is a ripper!  After that, Marilyn landed a Spanish mackerel weighing 15kg off Bundegi: her biggest yet.  Now Stuart wants to know what tips we can give him to stop her outdoing him. We said that it’s better a woman
outdoes a man, than doesn’t let him out!

Following that report was Mitchell Head, who was travelling with his girlfriend Chrissie around Australia.  The two stopped in at Exmouth and fishing from the shore managed to land some awesome queenfish at Old
Bundegi, Learmonth and Wapet creek.  Mitchell reckons he’s got Chrissie hooked for life now, after she out fished him on several occasions. Chrissie was using the Sebile sinking stick shad and could hardly miss a
bite.  She did crush her barbs though, which made for a quick release in the water and the smile on their faces showed that they may be staying a while at this location.

The weather has certainly heated up and if you’re thinking of having a traditional Exmouth Christmas, then now is the time to get in the water and catch a few rock lobster and fresh fish.  The winds have been odd lately
with some northerlies and humidity about, but if you can’t get out and get some fish, then thankfully Kailis are open this year, so there should be plenty of seafood about for the hot summer festive season.

All the staff at Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth, who bring you this report each week, would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season. We thank you for your reports and support and look forward to seeing you all again.  Remember that we will be drawing our fishing competition prize on Christmas eve thanks to Shimano. If you haven’t entered, you’d better get in quick!

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