Fishing Report – 17.12.2010

The rain is a welcome relief to all the gardens of Exmouth, but not a good one for the anglers and boaters this week on holidays. However, we do tend to get a burst in fish feeding activity after a low or cyclone passes, so it
will be interesting to see the results after this passes.  Also, I believe the rain is fantastic for the creeks, ecosystem and fish in general, so it was great to get a little before the Christmas visitors.

The Freediving Fiesta was a great success with ten teams competing for the various sections of the event.  The weather was supberb for December with light winds, clear waters and warm temperatures…in fact, I don’t think you could have asked for a better weekend!  The teams were all amped and ready to go with boats on the water early steaming out to secret spots. There were a few amazing achievements including a pending state record for a 9.1kg red emperor speared by Rhys Clatworthy.  Rhys took out the red emperor section with this on Team Reel Obsession.  Heaviest mackerel/wahoo went to Team Pussy Galore with a 22.2kg mack.  Heaviest Bluey went to Team Relentless. Heaviest Green Jobfish went to Team Swamp Donkey with a 7.9kg fish.  The heaviest Rock Lobster caught was an amazing 4.2kg ornate to Team Awesum, while heaviest spangled emperor went to Team Fillet and Release with a 5.6 honker!  Team Pussy Galore also took out the Heaviest other Lutjanus with a 12.9kg red bass.  Champion Spearo Pair went to Pussy Galore and they are
pictured this week.  The event was designed to highlight the positives of Spearfishing including how selective it can be, the fitness required, working in pairs for safety, using dive flags and it was also designed to show everyone where you can and can’t spear.  The teams and crew that attended were very enthusiastic about the event and making it bigger and better next year.  Thanks go to Oceanic, Bluewater Tackle World and Starmart
for their contributions, plus the volunteers for their help.

The squid have been firing at the moment and also pictured this week is some that were caught south of the marina on high tide. Visiting anglers Aiden and Callum Lerch are here for a four week fishing holiday from Wollongong. The boys started their trip with some reef fishing action in the gulf on some of the shoals.  The short session did not disappoint as the caught estuary cod, coral trout, trevally, mackerel and all sorts.  The boys
released everything carefully and were happy to try for squid for dinner instead.  The squidding efforts did not disappoint with 14 squid caught for the afternoon and some eaten for dinner that night.  The boys are keen to catch a billfish this trip and we hope to bring you a shot of that soon!

The Boys Squidding

Red FF

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