Milyering Visitor Centre

Once you get into the national park, it is a must to call into the Milyering Visitor Centre. This is especially so if you have children or if you have never been to the area before.

It is 52km from Exmouth and hosts an array of interpretive displays, great theatre screenings of underwater action, and a fabulous library containing information regarding the surrounding marine and national parks. There is also a great gift shop.

At the waters edge in front of the centre are some of the best snorkeling beaches on the coast line. Lakeside is a popular overnight caravan spot, but the shallow beach and snorkeling is unrivalled. Kori Bay and T-Bone Bay are within a kilometer of each other and the turquoise waters are simply breathtaking.

So go the the Milyering Centre then stay for the beaches!

The Ningaloo Reef is perfect snorkeling

The Ningaloo Reef is perfect snorkeling

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  1. [...] visitors spend the bulk of their time on the western side of the park, where there is the excellent Milyering Visitor Centre and some wonderful small campsites, which are often full due to high demand.  Mostly, these [...]

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