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Christmas Holiday Rentals

That time of year again. We are fully booked in all homes except one, last minute cancellation. Have a look at

This three bedroom cottage has one queen bed, a single in the second room, and a single plus a futon in the third room. One bathroom with toilet separate.

Basic cottage, with all you will need, digital TV, BBQ, fully fenced for the kids to run in the garden, and best of all…just about opposite a park and playground.

All dates over Christmas still vacant. Price is $150 – $180 a night depending on length of stay.

Ring Helen on 0400 933 338

Bright sunny lounge room

Skywest Flights on Sale

The sale for flights from Exmouth to Perth started this morning at 9am 19/09/2012.  Flight prices start at $129 each way.

You will need to be super quick as seats sell out. Ring me to secure your accommodation at Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes, then book your flights. I will happily HOLD your booking dates whilst you arrange flights.

This promotion is for flights from mid November 2012 to late March 2013 (Easter). And YES…we still have availability for Christmas in some homes. It is a great time as the Turtles are laying their eggs on the beach in the warm months, there are Humpback whales, Manta’s and abundant fish life…also hot balmy nights.

Skywest Airlines – Learmonth – Paraburdoo Service

News just in.

Skywest Airlines will launch a new weekly service Learmonth – Paraburdoo commencing Monday 28th November 2011. This schedule will be extended to include additional Tuesday flights, effective 13 December 2011

Looks like they are departing Learmonth 8.35 am arriving Paraburdoo 9.35am and then returning Paraburdoo 10.15am arriving in Learmonth 11.15am.

Pricing starts from $159 one way. Bookings can be made on or via phone 1300 66 00 88.

Great news for all our Paraburdoo holiday home guests wishing to get to Exmouth for a quick long weekend away. We would love to see you. We have holiday homes that accept 3,4 and 5 night stays, some even allow pets.

How to beat the heat in Exmouth.

Ok, so we are now in the swing of summer. Here are my tips for you.

  • make it part of your habit. Do not leave the house without a water bottle and sip water regularly all day. You will sweat much more than usual and wont even notice it.
  • It obvious, but put a hat on as soon as you walk out the door, apart from the obvious sun implications, you will dehydrate from your scalp and you need to keep this as cool as possible.
  • Ankles swelling? Raise them at night, eat less salty foods, drink less alcohol and go for a walk in the ocean.
  • Eat foods high in water content like watermelon and salads.
  • If it is very hot in town, it will be much cooler on the other side of the peninsula. Head out of town and hit the beach.
  • Get in the water and cool down. Pack water, pack a hat, pack sunscreen, put on a rashie, set up a sunshade, get into the water. Cool your body temperature down immediately.
  • All too hard? The town pool is always there for a quick dip. Or even getting wet at any one of the Gulf beaches will do the trick, the water is much warmer than the beaches on the other side, but you are at least wet!
  • Use your airconditioners wisely. They are very efficient and will cool down the house quickly. I beg you not to leave them on all day and go out. It’s a waste of power and money and completely unnecessary. All it will do is raise the tariffs for next time as the owners get their power bills.  Please consider this.

October School Holiday Accommodation Exmouth

Yes. We still have some very limited dates for this years October School Holiday break.

Frangipani – available  October 7th onwards. $150 a night minimum 7 night bookings

Jurabi – we had a cancellation so we have this home for both weeks. Families only. $200 a night minimum 7 night bookings

Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012 are heavily booked already. I have Frangipani available for a two week booking only over the break at $150 a night, Oyster is still available for all dates, Mandu for dates leading up to New Year, departing on the 27th December and two new houses which I will have to offer you in the coming months.

Be organised and book early is my suggestion. Avoid the last minute rush.

School holiday bookings for next year in April and Easter are nearly full already so if you are planning on coming you best make enquiries now.

Road Closures and Freaky Weather

Well 14 days in Exmouth over Christmas and New Year were just not enough. We were the lucky ones who flew into Exmouth this year. Unfortunately for all out guests (except for a brave few) who were travelling from south of Perth. Their bookings into their Christmas Holiday Homes in Exmouth were sadly cancelled as the roads were still closed in parts through Carnarvon after their recent flooding. One intrepid booking wasn’t going to be deterred however and he drove an extra 900km through Newman on the inland road to get to his destination Exmouth. Well done!

Then there was the pending cyclone…that never occured and barely dropped a glass a rain on us. Although there were cloudy and windy days, it was still all temperatures over 40 degrees! And the humidity nearly drenched me! I will need to toughen up so I am told. Lucky the beaches were just as perfect as they always are and the water just as gorgeous.

Somethings will always be the same in Exmouth.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

Helen x

Flood waters in the North West

Today, as the water rises in the North West. I am in the South West, wishing I was in Exmouth keeping an eye on my guests and my homes. But alas I will just have to wait until next week and be patient.

Word from our caretakers is that there has been rain, there is no flooding, the skies are clearing, but there is very high humidity.

Only 50ml maximum has fallen in Exmouth over the last few days, so unlike our Carnarvon cousins who have received nearly 250ml with more on its way, we are barely keeping the dust down.

I am very sad for some German tourists who flew into Australia and directly onto Exmouth last Monday. They are staying in Turtle and have had nothing but bad weather and high humidity since they arrived. I sincerely hope it clears up for them by Thursday next week when they leave.

For all our new guests arriving for Christmas. Safe driving. I really mean it…safe driving, watch out for wandering livestock who will be misplaced by floodwaters, and take it easy. I know you are excited, but slow down and arrive safely please.

Fishing Report – 11.12.2010

This week is all about the girls out-fishing the boys.  We will start with Marilyn Taylor who was out fishing with partner Stuart Lindfors in the Exmouth Gulf.  The couple headed out from the marina when Stuart managed to
catch a golden trevally on a small baitcaster with 9kg line using a 55g gold twisty. Stuart was feeling rather chuffed.  Then Marilyn hooked up to her first queenfish not far from the marina.  This fish is pictured this week
and is a ripper!  After that, Marilyn landed a Spanish mackerel weighing 15kg off Bundegi: her biggest yet.  Now Stuart wants to know what tips we can give him to stop her outdoing him. We said that it’s better a woman
outdoes a man, than doesn’t let him out!

Following that report was Mitchell Head, who was travelling with his girlfriend Chrissie around Australia.  The two stopped in at Exmouth and fishing from the shore managed to land some awesome queenfish at Old
Bundegi, Learmonth and Wapet creek.  Mitchell reckons he’s got Chrissie hooked for life now, after she out fished him on several occasions. Chrissie was using the Sebile sinking stick shad and could hardly miss a
bite.  She did crush her barbs though, which made for a quick release in the water and the smile on their faces showed that they may be staying a while at this location.

The weather has certainly heated up and if you’re thinking of having a traditional Exmouth Christmas, then now is the time to get in the water and catch a few rock lobster and fresh fish.  The winds have been odd lately
with some northerlies and humidity about, but if you can’t get out and get some fish, then thankfully Kailis are open this year, so there should be plenty of seafood about for the hot summer festive season.

All the staff at Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth, who bring you this report each week, would like to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season. We thank you for your reports and support and look forward to seeing you all again.  Remember that we will be drawing our fishing competition prize on Christmas eve thanks to Shimano. If you haven’t entered, you’d better get in quick!

How Hot is Hot!!

It’s summer in Exmouth. From November to April it is hot.

But what is HOT to you is cool to others. Think of it this way. If you are living in Pannawonica and it is 52 deg outside, then a 45 deg day on the waterfront in Exmouth is bliss!

If you have however just flown in from the south coast of Tasmania then 45 deg days are HOT.

Here is my tip for all holiday makers looking to have the Exmouth Experience in the off season of summer. It’s easily done if you don’t lock yourself in your home and you leave the air conditioning and travel to the reef side of the peninsula. Get out of town and away from the concrete. Get in the water. Come home in the cool of the day, crack a cool drink, use your barbecue not your oven….and wrap that sarong around yourself. You too boys!

I am also happy to negotiate a better deal in summer…so give me a try!

Often Asked Questions on Exmouth

The Ningaloo Reef experience is different for all. Here are some of my most often asked questions regarding what to do in Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef.

Q. We have small children. What is there for them to do in town?

A. If you are holidaying in summer the town pool is open. There is also a fantastic mini golf set up in the centre of town. Plenty of parks with playgrounds. Always go to the library and check out the activities that may be organised for the school holidays. Small towns like Exmouth have great volunteer groups running a wide variety of projects all year round.

Q. How far is the Ningaloo Reef from my accommodation?

A. Every week I get asked this! Exmouth is not directly on the reef. You will need transport to visit the best reef beaches and dives.

Q. When can I see the Turtles?

A. Turtles are everywhere pretty much all year round. You are best to contact the Conservation and Land Management office in town on Nimitz St and they will provide you with a gallery of photos, brochures and information. My favourite is summer when they are laying their eggs in the sand dunes.

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