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Snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef

Always being asked for the best snorkeling spots for families. Here are some of my favourites.

  • Lakeside – from the Milyering Visitor Centre drive past towards the water and veer left. Park at the beach and walk left around the point to get to some of the best ‘from the beach’ snorkeling on the Ningaloo Reef.
  • Oyster Stacks – check the tide charts and make sure dont try this one at low tide, there will be nothing to see. But at high tide it is teaming with marine life.
  • Sandy Bay – if you have small children and want them to get some practice in first, then this is a perfect choice. A good 45 min drive from Exmouth, on the west side, but worth the drive. Shallow turquoise water, with fish swimming in the lagoon.
  • Turquoise Bay – an all time favourite and for stronger swimmers, the Drift is a must. Let the waters carry you over the reef, with little or no effort. Or if you are not that brave, then snorkel from the safety of the beach and see lots of large fish and marine life.
  • Bundegi Beach – closer to home, at the tip of the North West Cape, good for practicing your snorkeling. Reef interesting at low tide and lots of marine life.

Remember to check your tide charts!

Should you need to hire snorkel gear, contact Helen mob: 0400933338.

Last minute accommodation in Exmouth

We love late bookings in our holiday homes in Exmouth. There are great bargains to be had. Not always the best idea to simply arrive into town to then look for accommodation, but very often we can easily put you up last minute in one of our great holiday homes.

Today I got an email at 7am from a Bunbury couple and their wee highland terrier, looking for 4 nights accommodation. Driftwood was available which is also pet friendly. They swung by the office at 13 Griffiths Way, I took their full payment, they followed me over to the house, and they are now out fishing from Bundegi Boat Ramp. Very simple process.

So whilst I dont recommend that you try this during school holidays or peak times, you can sometimes jag a last minute holiday house in Exmouth…with ease through Ningaloo Reef Holidays.

How to beat the heat in Exmouth.

Ok, so we are now in the swing of summer. Here are my tips for you.

  • make it part of your habit. Do not leave the house without a water bottle and sip water regularly all day. You will sweat much more than usual and wont even notice it.
  • It obvious, but put a hat on as soon as you walk out the door, apart from the obvious sun implications, you will dehydrate from your scalp and you need to keep this as cool as possible.
  • Ankles swelling? Raise them at night, eat less salty foods, drink less alcohol and go for a walk in the ocean.
  • Eat foods high in water content like watermelon and salads.
  • If it is very hot in town, it will be much cooler on the other side of the peninsula. Head out of town and hit the beach.
  • Get in the water and cool down. Pack water, pack a hat, pack sunscreen, put on a rashie, set up a sunshade, get into the water. Cool your body temperature down immediately.
  • All too hard? The town pool is always there for a quick dip. Or even getting wet at any one of the Gulf beaches will do the trick, the water is much warmer than the beaches on the other side, but you are at least wet!
  • Use your airconditioners wisely. They are very efficient and will cool down the house quickly. I beg you not to leave them on all day and go out. It’s a waste of power and money and completely unnecessary. All it will do is raise the tariffs for next time as the owners get their power bills.  Please consider this.

Petroleum Exploration in the Exmouth Gulf

Please find attached information regarding the proposed petroleum exploration in Exmouth Gulf. Tender closes 10th March. For further information contact:

Community information re Exmouth Gulf exploration (smaller)

Want to take your dog on holiday with you?

Some of our lovely owners are dog owners and dog lovers also. They are happy for you to stay in their house with your pet…but there are conditions!!

* Do not leave the dog at home when you are out. It will only bark and the neighbours will get cranky and ring the Ranger. Not fair on the neighbours or the dog.
* Dogs are not allowed in the houses. The next guest may have allergies to pet hair, and the cleaners dont want to spend hours getting the place hair free. Just not allowed!
* If the dog gets out and runs amok around the streets and it picked up by the Ranger…you only have yourself to blame. Nothing to do with us or the owners.
* Dogs are not allowed in the Cape Range National Park but are welcome on most beaches other wise.
* Pick up all the doo doo before you leave and put in bags and put in bin. Not loose so that it can stink out the bins for the next guests.
* If the dog digs in the garden, you must rectify before you leave or we will charge you (at Exmouth rates!!) for a gardener to come in and replace plants and fix.
* Remember to give it more water than you usually do at home…it wont be used to the heat and will dehydrate just as easily as you will.

Look at Coral, Cobia and Marlin if you are interested in bringing your pet with you. All bookings are subject to the owners approval first…it’s not a given!

Bundy with his sunnies on ready for action.

Road Closures and Freaky Weather

Well 14 days in Exmouth over Christmas and New Year were just not enough. We were the lucky ones who flew into Exmouth this year. Unfortunately for all out guests (except for a brave few) who were travelling from south of Perth. Their bookings into their Christmas Holiday Homes in Exmouth were sadly cancelled as the roads were still closed in parts through Carnarvon after their recent flooding. One intrepid booking wasn’t going to be deterred however and he drove an extra 900km through Newman on the inland road to get to his destination Exmouth. Well done!

Then there was the pending cyclone…that never occured and barely dropped a glass a rain on us. Although there were cloudy and windy days, it was still all temperatures over 40 degrees! And the humidity nearly drenched me! I will need to toughen up so I am told. Lucky the beaches were just as perfect as they always are and the water just as gorgeous.

Somethings will always be the same in Exmouth.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

Helen x

How Hot is Hot!!

It’s summer in Exmouth. From November to April it is hot.

But what is HOT to you is cool to others. Think of it this way. If you are living in Pannawonica and it is 52 deg outside, then a 45 deg day on the waterfront in Exmouth is bliss!

If you have however just flown in from the south coast of Tasmania then 45 deg days are HOT.

Here is my tip for all holiday makers looking to have the Exmouth Experience in the off season of summer. It’s easily done if you don’t lock yourself in your home and you leave the air conditioning and travel to the reef side of the peninsula. Get out of town and away from the concrete. Get in the water. Come home in the cool of the day, crack a cool drink, use your barbecue not your oven….and wrap that sarong around yourself. You too boys!

I am also happy to negotiate a better deal in summer…so give me a try!

Back to Basics on Exmouth info

We are getting quite a few interstate and international guests coming to stay in Exmouth at our great holiday houses. Some of the questions they are asking me with regards to the town, the Ningaloo Reef etc… I think I take for granted. So I am going to post the most common questions and answers:

Q. Will I need a car in Exmouth or are there buses that run around? A. You will need a car if you are planning on visiting the Ningaloo Reef and the ranges or gorges. You can however just use the services of the dive companies if you are planning on only going out with these guys. Could work out expensive, but they will pick you up from your door when you are booked with them. There are no bus services that run around. There are however charter buses.

Q. Is the beach walking distance from my accommodation? A. Unless you are staying in one of our Marina or beachfront homes then not really walking distance. In saying that you can easily walk to the beach it is about a 15min walk from the town centre. The town is situated back from the beach due to the occasional cyclone that comes through.

Q. What is the night life like? Are there any clubs or pubs? A. Definitely no clubs, but there are two pubs, The Potshot Tavern and Gracies Tavern. Both do good pub grub, but they are pretty laid back affairs. Nightime socialising is usually on the back verandas of the holiday homes for a quiet bevvy after a big day fishing, diving, snorkeling or lounging on the beach.

Hope that helps.

Milyering Visitor Centre

Once you get into the national park, it is a must to call into the Milyering Visitor Centre. This is especially so if you have children or if you have never been to the area before.

It is 52km from Exmouth and hosts an array of interpretive displays, great theatre screenings of underwater action, and a fabulous library containing information regarding the surrounding marine and national parks. There is also a great gift shop.

At the waters edge in front of the centre are some of the best snorkeling beaches on the coast line. Lakeside is a popular overnight caravan spot, but the shallow beach and snorkeling is unrivalled. Kori Bay and T-Bone Bay are within a kilometer of each other and the turquoise waters are simply breathtaking.

So go the the Milyering Centre then stay for the beaches!

The Ningaloo Reef is perfect snorkeling

The Ningaloo Reef is perfect snorkeling