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Last minute accommodation in Exmouth

We love late bookings in our holiday homes in Exmouth. There are great bargains to be had. Not always the best idea to simply arrive into town to then look for accommodation, but very often we can easily put you up last minute in one of our great holiday homes.

Today I got an email at 7am from a Bunbury couple and their wee highland terrier, looking for 4 nights accommodation. Driftwood was available which is also pet friendly. They swung by the office at 13 Griffiths Way, I took their full payment, they followed me over to the house, and they are now out fishing from Bundegi Boat Ramp. Very simple process.

So whilst I dont recommend that you try this during school holidays or peak times, you can sometimes jag a last minute holiday house in Exmouth…with ease through Ningaloo Reef Holidays.

Short Term Accommodation in Exmouth

All our holiday homes in Exmouth are subject to minimum night stays. Each owner decides what they feel is appropriate to their home and their requirements.  None of our homes have minimum night stay requirements of under 3 nights.

Homes accepting 3 nights or more – Coral, Turtle and Marlin

Homes accepting 4 nights or more – Amberjack, Frangipani, Driftwood, Oyster, Jurabi, Tusk.

Homes accepting 5 nights or more – Mandu Villa

Homes accepting 7 nights or more – Cobia and Seabird.

Please note that on the cheaper homes there is a loading for shorter night stays to cover the costs of the cleaning of the home (which is the same cost regardless of whether you stay 14 nights or 3 nights.) Remember these are houses the same size as a full home, they are not hotel rooms, so they take time to clean in between guests, hence the additional costs.

We cannot accept one or two night bookings due to the low tariffs we charge and the high costs to maintain a home.


IGFA and Stanford University – Great Marlin Race

There is very exciting news this week for the Exmouth Game Fishing Club.
The annual Gamex tournament at Exmouth will this coming March 2012 be part of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) Great Marlin Race. The Great Marlin Race is a partnership between IGFA and the USA’s Stanford University that pairs recreational anglers with cutting-edge science to learn more about the basic biology of marlin and how they utilise the open ocean habitat.   The goal of the program is to deploy 50 pop-up archival tags (PAT) in marlin at billfish tournaments around the world each year, and a limited number of these tags will be available to Gamex anglers, with the tournament running from March 9-17.   Gamex and Exmouth is the ONLY Australian Tournament and location that has been chosen for 2012. (We feel very privileged!!)  This effort will increase understanding of distribution, population structure and biology of marlin and engage anglers and the general public in the research process.

By increasing the understanding of where these animals go and how they use the pelagic ecosystem, it will provide valuable information to the resource managers and policy makers responsible for ensuring their long-term conservation.  One hundred and twenty days after each tag is deployed, it automatically releases itself from the fish and transmits information such as the fish’s path, depth profiles, and sea temperatures to earth-orbiting ARGOS satellites.  Tag sponsors, anglers and the general public will be able to view the migration routes of tagged marlin through Google Earth-enabled maps on the Great Marlin Race website where pop-up tag locations and animal tracks are displayed.

The subsidised cost of each tag is $4000.   The marlin, and sponsor, whose tag travels the farthest of all 50 tags will be recognised at the annual IGFA International Auction and Banquet in January 2013, while the angler who tags the winning fish in the Exmouth leg of the 2011/12 Great Marlin Race will receive a free five-year membership to EGFC and free entry to Gamex 2013.

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club believes it is fantastic opportunity to place Exmouth firmly on the international game fishing map and to support scientific research and marlin conservation.   To sponsor a tag email Exmouth Game Fishing Club at, with tags sold on a first come, first served basis. For more information visit go to .

Skywest Airlines – Learmonth – Paraburdoo Service

News just in.

Skywest Airlines will launch a new weekly service Learmonth – Paraburdoo commencing Monday 28th November 2011. This schedule will be extended to include additional Tuesday flights, effective 13 December 2011

Looks like they are departing Learmonth 8.35 am arriving Paraburdoo 9.35am and then returning Paraburdoo 10.15am arriving in Learmonth 11.15am.

Pricing starts from $159 one way. Bookings can be made on or via phone 1300 66 00 88.

Great news for all our Paraburdoo holiday home guests wishing to get to Exmouth for a quick long weekend away. We would love to see you. We have holiday homes that accept 3,4 and 5 night stays, some even allow pets.

Whaleshark Season, last minute holiday accommodation deals

I have good availability in some homes for June. The Whalesharks are at their peak right now. So book a holiday on the Coral Coast and swim with the giants of the sea, now.
Turtle – Sleeps 4 available June 7 – 14 $170 a night
Seabird – Sleeps 6 available June 1 – 30 $200 a night
Marlin – Sleeps 8 available June 1 – 24 $190 a night

Ring me now for a last minute bargain…stay 7 nights and pay for 6 nights in all of the above homes.
Mobile: Helen 0400 933338

Exmouth or Ningaloo Accommodation

When searching recently for some holiday home accommodation in Exmouth I found myself in the United Kingdom, forgetting we had neighbours accross the waters sharing our town namesake. It made me think how easy it is to get lost on the web when searching.

The new predictive search used by Google is a great way to save time typing, but it does not always lead you to where you wish to go. I have since opted for being quite specific when searching. For example: when looking for holiday accommodation in Exmouth I find it easier to type ‘Ningaloo” as apposed to Exmouth, the search engines take me exactly to where I want to go.

You can waste alot of time scrolling through unrelated sites (say for Exmouth) when you really wanted Ningaloo Accommodation…thinking outside the box!

Monkey Mia and beyond

It’s a fair drive from Perth to Exmouth. I like to stop along the way for a night and here are some of my favourite spots.

Monkey Mia is only 720 km from Exmouth. Easily done in a day and roughly half way in your journey. There is plenty of accommodation in Denham and those dolphins are still coming ashore every evening for a feed.

Northhampton is just the other side of Geraldton and if you are looking for a ‘quiet’ nights sleep there are some great Bed and Breakfasts in town including one I stay at all the time – The Ostrich Farm.

Kalbarri and the surrounding towns like Port Gregory and Horrocks Beach are great stop off points with caravan parks and chalets all the go in these wonderfull beach front towns.

So there is no need to push yourself to get to your ultimate destination on the Ningaloo Reef. Take your time and smell the roses (or wildflowers!) along the way.

Exmouth today is Perfect!

It does not get much better than Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef today! The temperature is around 27 – 29 deg, the water is aqua blue and calm, the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle.

On days like this I like to take in an early walk along the town beach to check out the shells and pebbles. Then home for breakfast, then off to Bundegi Beach for a gentle soak of the sun and maybe a swim (too cold this morning for me though!). A couple of chapters read from my book then home for lunch.

We then went to Learmonth Jetty not far from the Learmonth Airport and dropped our line to see what we could catch. Nothing! But we had done really well yesterday with Exmouth crabs and some yummy Spanish Mackeral. So not complaining.

Just getting ready for a beer and some left over cold fish for nibblies, then Exmouth Bugs in garlic butter tonight for dinner!

Sorry…I hear it is cold and wet in Perth today!

Fishing Report – 11.08.2010

Well. It’s guaranteed: if I say the weather is good, it turns bad, so this week I will say it is bad in hope that next week it will improve! None the less, it has been calm of an evening and not too cold for winter.  Anglers have had the chance to ensure their gear is well and truly ready for when they get out on the water.

Are you a keen Spearfishing angler? Or, would you like to be? Apnea Australia are holding freediving courses on August 20th,21st,22nd here in Exmouth.  Learning how to freedive is a great experience and opens up a whole new world to people, whether it is for spearing or simply enjoying the scenery.  It’s not often we can get opportunities like this in Exmouth, so if you are interested, pop in to the store for more details.

Meanwhile, pictured this week is a sweet tasting bluebone, or black-spotted tuskfish that was speared off Exmouth last week by Matt Gates. The fish was one of many in the area and was enjoyed for dinner by all. Other species seen while diving included some coral trout and chimanan fish.  The waters have been clear and great for vision.  Spearfishing is selective and often misunderstood.  The EGFC will be holding a Spearfishing comp in December and aim to show how enjoyable, controlled and selective it can be for anglers willing to make the best from their day in the water and what they catch.

If you are boating about this week, please be careful of the speed humps…by that I mean the humpback whales. They have come in in droves and skippers should take extra care for themselves, crew, boat and whales!

Fishing is a good escape, especially from things such as politics: and haven’t we had a lot of that lately!  There has been countless emails sent out regarding what the likely outcomes are for recreational anglers, depending on who gets in. This is important and could mean massive closures without consultation.  If you do not know, then it is worthwhile finding out.  If you’re not sure, call in and see the print outs at the tackle shops in Exmouth.

Anyone is welcome to attend the clubhouse this coming weekend for the Ultra-Light Fishing Competition.  Come down to the EGFC clubhouse at the marina and see what has been caught or tagged and enjoy a meal or social catch-up while you’re there. Briefing is Friday the 20th, fishing is Sat and Sun and presentation is Sunday night.  It’s a bit like a mini-Gamex, with great opportunities for kids to be involved.

Blue Bone spear fished

Bundegi Beach

The beach of choice for locals after a hard days work or a hot day on the boat fishing. Just 10min drive from the Exmouthtown centre, Bundegi is blessed with perfect beach conditions.

A long sandy beach, just off the tip of the North West Cape, Bundegi Beach seems to get the least of all the wind, no matter which way it is blowing! Never crowded and family friendly, even great for the ‘well behaved’ dog.

Alot of the dive companies leave from this beach including the glass bottom boat. The Bundegi Boat ramp is a new addition to the beach and very welcome as well, cutting off alot of time when heading out to the Murion Islands.

You can often see turtles swimming in the shallows, and humpback whales swimming in the deep. Manta Rays when they are around are often seen off this beach. A true favourite and a must do when you are staying in Exmouth for your next holidays on the Ningaloo Reef.

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