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Slim Jim and the Phats Band

Little known fact that I booked Jamie Mercanti and his band Slim Jim and the Phats Band over 20 plus years ago now for one of their very first gigs at the Iona Presentation College year 10 dance. That was an awesome night back in 1983!!

Now the band is back to play tomorrow night march 9th 2012 with their second last gig ever at the opening night of GAMEX Fishing Competition in Exmouth. Tickets can still be purchased from Bluewater Tackle in Exmouth or from the Exmouth Game Fishing Club. I believe it is nearly sold out.

With tomorrow being a steamy 38deg and humid, it will surely be a night to remember. I am personally looking forward to catching up with my old friend Jamie.

IGFA and Stanford University – Great Marlin Race

There is very exciting news this week for the Exmouth Game Fishing Club.
The annual Gamex tournament at Exmouth will this coming March 2012 be part of the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) Great Marlin Race. The Great Marlin Race is a partnership between IGFA and the USA’s Stanford University that pairs recreational anglers with cutting-edge science to learn more about the basic biology of marlin and how they utilise the open ocean habitat.   The goal of the program is to deploy 50 pop-up archival tags (PAT) in marlin at billfish tournaments around the world each year, and a limited number of these tags will be available to Gamex anglers, with the tournament running from March 9-17.   Gamex and Exmouth is the ONLY Australian Tournament and location that has been chosen for 2012. (We feel very privileged!!)  This effort will increase understanding of distribution, population structure and biology of marlin and engage anglers and the general public in the research process.

By increasing the understanding of where these animals go and how they use the pelagic ecosystem, it will provide valuable information to the resource managers and policy makers responsible for ensuring their long-term conservation.  One hundred and twenty days after each tag is deployed, it automatically releases itself from the fish and transmits information such as the fish’s path, depth profiles, and sea temperatures to earth-orbiting ARGOS satellites.  Tag sponsors, anglers and the general public will be able to view the migration routes of tagged marlin through Google Earth-enabled maps on the Great Marlin Race website where pop-up tag locations and animal tracks are displayed.

The subsidised cost of each tag is $4000.   The marlin, and sponsor, whose tag travels the farthest of all 50 tags will be recognised at the annual IGFA International Auction and Banquet in January 2013, while the angler who tags the winning fish in the Exmouth leg of the 2011/12 Great Marlin Race will receive a free five-year membership to EGFC and free entry to Gamex 2013.

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club believes it is fantastic opportunity to place Exmouth firmly on the international game fishing map and to support scientific research and marlin conservation.   To sponsor a tag email Exmouth Game Fishing Club at, with tags sold on a first come, first served basis. For more information visit go to .

Accommodation for GAMEX and AIBT 2012

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club is getting itself organised for the 2012 season of GAMEX and AIBT. Last year we saw record numbers of boats and fishermen come into the town for this ever popular event. With accommodation at a premium I would like to urge you to book your holiday homes now. I still have some vacancy in some of our most popular homes.

A nice marlin caught off Exmouth

GAMEX dates- 10 March – 17 March

AIBT dates – 19 March – 25 March

Coral – sleeps 4 singles in two queen beds and two single beds. Tariff – $170 a night

Turtle – sleeps 2 singles in two queen beds. Tariff – $180 a night

Oyster – Sleeps 6 singles in two queen beds and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $180 a night

Tusk – only available from March 18 – 25. Sleeps up to 9 singles in one King bed, two queen beds, one single bed and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $230 – $320 a night

Mandu – ON THE CANALS and the closest holiday house to the Marina and the Exmouth Game Fishing Club. Why is this not booked!!?? Sleeps 6 singles in 3 King beds which unzip to make 6 King Singles. Tariff – $300 a night.

(Ningaloo Reef Holidays is a sponsor of GAMEX) See you all at the competition, make sure you introduce yourselves if I haven’t met you yet.


Australian International Billfish Tournament in Exmouth

Records were broken before any boats hit the water for the Australian International Billfish Tournament last week.  There were 67 boats entered: the largest on record.  This also resulted in the largest number of competitors.  The Exmouth Game Fishing Club are checking to see if they have also had more billfish tagged than any other AIBT event, with 114 tagged billfish.  The billfishing was quiet for Exmouth standards, but only a handful of boats did not catch a fish over the three days.  It was perfect weather conditions with the Exmouth gulf glassing off every day to make a great view for patrons at the Exmouth Game Fishing Club house.
It all began on the Tuesday morning with the Bertram Champagne Breakfast and sailpast flare start at the marina.  All the boats lined up in front of the clubhouse and took off at once, while wives, sponsors and interested locals watched from ashore.  Photographer Sascha Unger got some spectacular photographs from the Birds Eye View Ultralight and all the boats safely proceeded to start the days’ fishing.
The results were:
Champion Team Tag and Release Billfish: Aqua Runner-up Champion Team Tag and Release Billfish: Mahi Mahi II Champion Angler Tag and Release Billfish: Kurt Williamson Champion Team Tag and Release Billfish on Fly: Weapon Champion Junior Tag and Release Billfish: Michael Wunhym. Champion Team Tag and Release Marlin: Aqua Champion Team Tag and Release Sailfish: Catweasel The prizes were custom built rods from Matt Gates at

Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth with engraved Shimano Tiagra Reels for the main sections and engraved Tibor Reels for the fly-fishing section.  The juniors were supported by Exmouth Tackle and Camping, while Aspen Parks picked up the fly section.  Chevron representatives came to support the event, as did Simrad with a display of electronic units for anglers to see and ask questions.  Kailis provided the seafood for the presentation dinner, while the event also attracted support from Exmouth Marina Village, Apache,
Sea Surface Temperature, Maui Jim, and Richter Lures.  The whole community was invited to come down after the event to chat with the anglers on the Friday night at the clubhouse when the band Slim Jim and the Phatts played.
It was a great social night and the town is a buzz with fishing talk at the moment.

Pic is the flare start with the boats taking off for the start of the AIBT

AIBT cruise past

AIBT cruise past

Fishing Report – 17.12.2010

The rain is a welcome relief to all the gardens of Exmouth, but not a good one for the anglers and boaters this week on holidays. However, we do tend to get a burst in fish feeding activity after a low or cyclone passes, so it
will be interesting to see the results after this passes.  Also, I believe the rain is fantastic for the creeks, ecosystem and fish in general, so it was great to get a little before the Christmas visitors.

The Freediving Fiesta was a great success with ten teams competing for the various sections of the event.  The weather was supberb for December with light winds, clear waters and warm temperatures…in fact, I don’t think you could have asked for a better weekend!  The teams were all amped and ready to go with boats on the water early steaming out to secret spots. There were a few amazing achievements including a pending state record for a 9.1kg red emperor speared by Rhys Clatworthy.  Rhys took out the red emperor section with this on Team Reel Obsession.  Heaviest mackerel/wahoo went to Team Pussy Galore with a 22.2kg mack.  Heaviest Bluey went to Team Relentless. Heaviest Green Jobfish went to Team Swamp Donkey with a 7.9kg fish.  The heaviest Rock Lobster caught was an amazing 4.2kg ornate to Team Awesum, while heaviest spangled emperor went to Team Fillet and Release with a 5.6 honker!  Team Pussy Galore also took out the Heaviest other Lutjanus with a 12.9kg red bass.  Champion Spearo Pair went to Pussy Galore and they are
pictured this week.  The event was designed to highlight the positives of Spearfishing including how selective it can be, the fitness required, working in pairs for safety, using dive flags and it was also designed to show everyone where you can and can’t spear.  The teams and crew that attended were very enthusiastic about the event and making it bigger and better next year.  Thanks go to Oceanic, Bluewater Tackle World and Starmart
for their contributions, plus the volunteers for their help.

The squid have been firing at the moment and also pictured this week is some that were caught south of the marina on high tide. Visiting anglers Aiden and Callum Lerch are here for a four week fishing holiday from Wollongong. The boys started their trip with some reef fishing action in the gulf on some of the shoals.  The short session did not disappoint as the caught estuary cod, coral trout, trevally, mackerel and all sorts.  The boys
released everything carefully and were happy to try for squid for dinner instead.  The squidding efforts did not disappoint with 14 squid caught for the afternoon and some eaten for dinner that night.  The boys are keen to catch a billfish this trip and we hope to bring you a shot of that soon!

The Boys Squidding

Red FF

Fishing Report – 13.11.2010

The weather is certainly warming up now as we head toward Christmas.  Hot summer days can be a good excuse to get out and on, or in, the water. Summer can also bring some strong winds, so if you’ve got a day off and the
weather is good, then make sure you make the most of it and get out.  That’s certainly what junior angler Jonah Freestone-Rowe did last week when the afternoon glass off in gulf allowed he and some parents and friends to get
out in to the Exmouth Gulf to chase the sailfish working on the bait balls. Jonah managed to switch a sailfish off a bait ball onto a skipping garfish and landed his first sail a short time later. Well done to yet another junior angler.

The interesting news this week on billfish is that a 25kg black marlin that was tagged during Gamex by angler Ben Miles aboard Azura on March 24th was recaptured off Sri Lanka on Sept 8th.  The marlin had travelled over 2529nm (in a straight line) in just 168days.  The fish weighed 40kg when captured (sadly by a long-liner!) and most interestingly, the fish was only 100nm miles from the black marlin that made the same trek in 2008.  That year, Geoff Moyle caught a 40kg black that was then captured off India at about the same time.  So, I guess that is good to show a pattern, but sad to know they are going up there to be slaughtered by the long-liners.

Mangrove jacks have been on the chew in the marina and down in the creeks in the gulf.  A few lucky anglers have also landed some barramundi on the other side of the gulf.  We know that a few barra do get this far south and have done for years, but it would be good to get more data on their patterns. Some people in the past had speared these species because they are so clearly visible in the clear water here and there are no crocs! However, it
is now illegal to spear barramundi, so a rod a reel is an option. Barramundi don’t really taste that good to eat, but they do make a great sports fish that jump and have a glistening shine in photos.

There has been lots of small to medium sized queenies around Bundegi. A fly-fishing angler was there at dawn (yes, 5am!) this week and landed about 8 of them north of Bundegi jetty. It is this time of year that they come in
thick at the Bundegi flats. These fish are another great sports fish, but not so flash for eating. Please remember good catch and release techniques such as using barbless hooks, releasing in water or handling with wet gloves
when targeting any sportsfish, so that the next person can enjoy it as much as you!

Jonah Freestone- Rowe

Our Exmouth House – Cobia

That fantastic verandah

Another of our home owners stories. This time Avril and Daan from Cobia – 20 Carpenter St, Exmouth.

In November 1999 as we were about to leave Exmouth we decided to have a look at what was available for sale.

We already owned a couple of villas in the Exmouth Villas Resort but felt very restricted living there. There were so many rules in the complex and dealing with a body corporate in a complex with 42 villas was very difficult.

So we found this house and could see that it had enormous potential as it just needed some TLC and a bit of imagination. Both of which we could conjure up between us.

That was in 1999 and since then we have turned this house into a low maintenance easy care perfect holiday home. We come here ourselves for  5 or 6 months every year….to escape the southern winters.

The polished jarrah floorboards give  a lovely warm feel and from when you walk in the front door the house sort of wraps itself around you and says ‘Welcome…have a good time.’

The heart of the thouse is the verandah where it all happens…

If you want an afternoon snooze with a good book or when entertaining friends the verandah is perfect for a party as it has seating for 10 and a fridge to keep the drinks cold…what more could you wish for? Just outside the verandah is the barbecue and fish cleaning area with sink and hot and cold water.

When we are in residence we just about live on the verandah as it overlooks the tropical garden making it very private and has a lovely inside/outside atmosphere which just says relax…have fun.

Fishing Report – 11.08.2010

Well. It’s guaranteed: if I say the weather is good, it turns bad, so this week I will say it is bad in hope that next week it will improve! None the less, it has been calm of an evening and not too cold for winter.  Anglers have had the chance to ensure their gear is well and truly ready for when they get out on the water.

Are you a keen Spearfishing angler? Or, would you like to be? Apnea Australia are holding freediving courses on August 20th,21st,22nd here in Exmouth.  Learning how to freedive is a great experience and opens up a whole new world to people, whether it is for spearing or simply enjoying the scenery.  It’s not often we can get opportunities like this in Exmouth, so if you are interested, pop in to the store for more details.

Meanwhile, pictured this week is a sweet tasting bluebone, or black-spotted tuskfish that was speared off Exmouth last week by Matt Gates. The fish was one of many in the area and was enjoyed for dinner by all. Other species seen while diving included some coral trout and chimanan fish.  The waters have been clear and great for vision.  Spearfishing is selective and often misunderstood.  The EGFC will be holding a Spearfishing comp in December and aim to show how enjoyable, controlled and selective it can be for anglers willing to make the best from their day in the water and what they catch.

If you are boating about this week, please be careful of the speed humps…by that I mean the humpback whales. They have come in in droves and skippers should take extra care for themselves, crew, boat and whales!

Fishing is a good escape, especially from things such as politics: and haven’t we had a lot of that lately!  There has been countless emails sent out regarding what the likely outcomes are for recreational anglers, depending on who gets in. This is important and could mean massive closures without consultation.  If you do not know, then it is worthwhile finding out.  If you’re not sure, call in and see the print outs at the tackle shops in Exmouth.

Anyone is welcome to attend the clubhouse this coming weekend for the Ultra-Light Fishing Competition.  Come down to the EGFC clubhouse at the marina and see what has been caught or tagged and enjoy a meal or social catch-up while you’re there. Briefing is Friday the 20th, fishing is Sat and Sun and presentation is Sunday night.  It’s a bit like a mini-Gamex, with great opportunities for kids to be involved.

Blue Bone spear fished

Fishing Report – Gamex Leadup

Wow, what a wild week it has been for fishing in Exmouth. There are numerous people reporting marlin literally crawling all over the water and one boat crew has reported getting 14 different species of fish in one day! Hopefully
that will continue through to Gamex. 

Meanwhile, from the shoreline there has been reports of queenfish, jacks, squid, and trevally in the marina, including the one caught on fly this week from young Braden Cooper. Robyn and Allan from Canberra once lived in Exmouth. In fact their daughter Beck was born here. Now Beck is a teenager and along with her brother Jordan the whole family have returned to Exmouth for a holiday. The family were down at Bundegi with others on the beach when a predatory fish chased a smaller bait fish about 50m from the shore. The predatory fish tossed the smaller fish in the air several times and put on a performance for the beach-goers.  The smaller fish was estimated to be about 40cm long and we
believe it may have been a small billfish feeding on the queenfish that have been roaming the inside of Bundegi Reef.

If you have been sleeping in lately, you have missed some sensational mornings. Nearly every morning this last week the dawn has been spectacular with glass conditions in the gulf and amazing colours reflecting off the clouds on the horizon.  The town beach has had schools of baitfish shimmering on the glass surface and on some mornings you could see the tail and dorsal fins of fish cruising in the shallows. On other mornings the predatory fish were smashing up the baitschools in all directions while pelicans also chased the bait: it really is a beautiful paradise here!

The Clubhouse for the EGFC at the marina is in full swing with Gamex crews in town. Anyone is welcome to get down to see the weigh-ins each evening between Sunday and Friday between 6-8pm.  Although 2/3 of the 64 boats are targeting the tag and release sections, we expect some fish will be brought in to be seen by all. Look out next week for a full report on results.

Accommodation for GAMEX 2010

Gamex is the biggest fishing competition on the Exmouth Game Fishing Clubs calendar.  Running from 18th of March to 22nd of March 2010. For further information contact Josh email:

With nearly 80 teams participating the event, it is important to book your accommodation quickly.

Ningaloo Reef Holidays still has quality homes available for these dates. Check out Frangipani, Turtle, Cobia, Sea Breeze, Tusk and Mandu Villa.      We are waiting for your booking!!

All have plenty of parking for boats and cars, some even with undercover boat parking. Fully equipped, all linen provided, all fully airconditioned.

These homes will book up quickly so get to it guys! Don’t leave it till the last minute and end up sleeping in a tent!

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