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Cyclone we go again!

The prevalence of cyclones in the North West at this time of year, becomes more of a chore than anything else.  Shade sails down, shade sails up…furniture in, furniture out. And with 20 holiday homes to manage here at Ningaloo Reef Holiday, that is alot of work.  But with a great team around me, we get it all done with ease.

Things to pack when in a cyclone. The Emergency Kit!

  • torches, batteries, candles, matches…anything that will light up the lock down dark house when power goes out.
  • games and books, nothing worse than polite conversation for days on end with the dog.
  • food and water, things that you can eat without refrigeration, its hard to get this one right as no one wants a house full of baked bean eaters.
  • and grog…well you might as well have a party if you are locked down.

So with Cyclone Peta on her way to us by Friday, here’s hoping it is only wind and rain it provides, the tanks need filling and I kind of like a day indoors with a good book. Fingers crossed.

Cyclone Narelle hits Exmouth…well kind of

The preparation for the arrival of Cyclone Narelle was bigger than it’s impact on Exmouth. Many houses to pack up and many shade sails to take down. Much shopping for candles, torches, batteries. Extra groceries, more fuel. The list was endless. Then there were guests in residence who were not sure to stay or go. Packing up holidays and leaving town.

So we locked ourselves indoors, armed with extra grog and nibbles, and waited for it all to happen. And we waited. And waited.

After a bit of rain, some strong winds, and the odd tree limb down….it was a fizzer. But the ground has had a big drink, the rain water tanks are full and the sandbags are parked at the front door in readiness for our next attempt at cyclone preparation.

Glad we are all safe and sound. Now we just have to drink and eat up all those provisions!!

Grey skies on day two of Narelle

Cancellation Policy on all bookings

I cannot stress enough. Please read your booking terms and conditions when you confirm your booking with us. When you pay your deposit you agree to the booking terms.

Should you wish to cancel your booking the following occurs:

  • If within 28 days of booking dates your forfeit all funds paid as we are usually unable to fill the booking dates at short notice.
  • At the discretion of the home owner, they MAY agree to transfer your booking to another date in their house only. They are under no obligation to do so however.
  • If cancelled well before the 28 day prior to booking date, then the owners (at their discretion) MAY agree to refund your deposit. They are under no obligation to do so.
  • Should we mutually agree to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances such as flood, cyclone, fires etc then of course all funds will be returned in full to you.

Also note that should you be evicted from your property due to antisocial behavour,  you also forfeit all funds paid.

Please read the Booking Terms and Conditions they are there for a reason. NRH BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS March 2012


Accommodation for GAMEX and AIBT 2012

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club is getting itself organised for the 2012 season of GAMEX and AIBT. Last year we saw record numbers of boats and fishermen come into the town for this ever popular event. With accommodation at a premium I would like to urge you to book your holiday homes now. I still have some vacancy in some of our most popular homes.

A nice marlin caught off Exmouth

GAMEX dates- 10 March – 17 March

AIBT dates – 19 March – 25 March

Coral – sleeps 4 singles in two queen beds and two single beds. Tariff – $170 a night

Turtle – sleeps 2 singles in two queen beds. Tariff – $180 a night

Oyster – Sleeps 6 singles in two queen beds and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $180 a night

Tusk – only available from March 18 – 25. Sleeps up to 9 singles in one King bed, two queen beds, one single bed and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $230 – $320 a night

Mandu – ON THE CANALS and the closest holiday house to the Marina and the Exmouth Game Fishing Club. Why is this not booked!!?? Sleeps 6 singles in 3 King beds which unzip to make 6 King Singles. Tariff – $300 a night.

(Ningaloo Reef Holidays is a sponsor of GAMEX) See you all at the competition, make sure you introduce yourselves if I haven’t met you yet.


Diving Information Ningaloo Reef

Recently I had a very exhaustive conversation with a guest who was trying to get a big picture of the dive scene in Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef. Where to Dive, the best sites, could he dive from the beach? All relevant questions, but as I could only give a rough guide I have since done some more research.

I found a very good dive site link which I think will give the diver a better overall view of what is on offer on the Reef.

Although they didn’t mention the prevelance of Holiday Home Accommodation when discussing places to stay in Exmouth, I will forgive them for that one for now.

My biggest tip is to ring (dont just rely on the websites) the dive companies and talk with the dive crew. Shop around, they all offer a similar product. Look at reviews.

Remember, you can hire all the dive and snorkeling gear you like in town and you can get amazing dive and snorkeling experiences straight from the beaches.

The New Frangipani is now available -July School Holidays

Just a quick note to let you know that our not yet listed Frangipani (a new one! Not the one on Stokes Hughes st) is available for bookings and I still have week two of the July School Holiday available.

Three bedrooms and sleeping 5-6 maximum. Clean, loved and surrounded by gardens. Situated opposite a park, plenty of parking, cute as a button.

Only $150 a night. That’s cheaper than a campsite chalet or a motel room in Exmouth.

I have lots of photos but here is one to tempt you.

Sunny lounge room in Frangipani

Whaleshark Season, last minute holiday accommodation deals

I have good availability in some homes for June. The Whalesharks are at their peak right now. So book a holiday on the Coral Coast and swim with the giants of the sea, now.
Turtle – Sleeps 4 available June 7 – 14 $170 a night
Seabird – Sleeps 6 available June 1 – 30 $200 a night
Marlin – Sleeps 8 available June 1 – 24 $190 a night

Ring me now for a last minute bargain…stay 7 nights and pay for 6 nights in all of the above homes.
Mobile: Helen 0400 933338

Some new homes joining us soon.

Our holiday home portfolio is ever changing and we sadly farewell Frangipani and Ocean Breeze.

Frangipani is on the market for sale and she is a little ripper of a house. She may be only one bedroom but she has plenty of space and if you are looking for a nice investment check out and ask for Leiza.

Ocean Breeze’s owners are ‘living the dream’ and they are moving to town in late May, we are very happy for them if not a little jealous!

But fear not as we will have some more properties to offer you very soon so watch this space! One home will even be ready for bookings in July…our only home still available for the July School Holidays.

Book now!

Water Everywhere!

It’s a strange phenomenon to have water on the plains in Exmouth. I flew in last week and was astounded by the green everywhere, puddles on the side of the road and wildlife…I mean bugs…in plague proportions.

A week later and the plagues have subsided, the puddles are evaporating and the green grasses are finally being mowed by the residents.

However, on the way out to Bundegi Beach yesterday I was blown away by the flood plains full of water still. Such a sight for March!

Those guests arriving in the next few weeks will be  greeted by a  lush tropical paradise…it only gets better.

Road Closures and Freaky Weather

Well 14 days in Exmouth over Christmas and New Year were just not enough. We were the lucky ones who flew into Exmouth this year. Unfortunately for all out guests (except for a brave few) who were travelling from south of Perth. Their bookings into their Christmas Holiday Homes in Exmouth were sadly cancelled as the roads were still closed in parts through Carnarvon after their recent flooding. One intrepid booking wasn’t going to be deterred however and he drove an extra 900km through Newman on the inland road to get to his destination Exmouth. Well done!

Then there was the pending cyclone…that never occured and barely dropped a glass a rain on us. Although there were cloudy and windy days, it was still all temperatures over 40 degrees! And the humidity nearly drenched me! I will need to toughen up so I am told. Lucky the beaches were just as perfect as they always are and the water just as gorgeous.

Somethings will always be the same in Exmouth.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

Helen x

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