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Windy Days in Exmouth

What to do, what to do?? Lots!!

Firstly check where the wind is coming from. May be blowing in the Exmouth Gulf, but not on the west side, so check this out first.

The Lighthouse is always good on a windy day. New information bays and plaques make this a well worth trip. Lots of historical information, great views all round the North West Cape, and at the moment Humpback whales and their calves seen frolicking close to shore. Grab an ice cream from the Lighthouse Caravan Park on your way past.

Staying in town…why not go for a walk at the ‘top of town’ through the bush scrub. Drive to top of Nimitz St (or walk) and take the track through the bush. Lots of Mullah Mullah wildflowers at the moment.

Don’t despair on a windy day, it often calms off in the afternoon, there is always a sheltered spot ‘somewhere’, and it is a great opportunity to catch up on a book you have meant to finish.

Dive Companies in Exmouth

Have been getting some rave reviews from guests lately who have been diving with the Whalesharks on the Ningaloo Reef.

Three Island Marine Charters have been commented on as the most helpful, especially for novice swimmers or those who are a bit nervy getting into the water.

Ningaloo Whaleshark and Dive www.ningaloowhalesharkndive have also had some amazing reviews commenting on their professional organisation and ease of booking with the crew on the boats as apparently some of the ‘cutest’ around!

Ningaloo Blue always are consistently good operators and I am sure all the other dive companies are just as good, but all the talk from my guests is on the two mentioned at the moment.

Looks like there is only about another week of whaleshark dives to be had, but apparently the humpbacks are in abundance on the west side of the Cape, so still plenty to see.

Whaleshark Swim Bookings

If you are coming to Exmouth during the Whaleshark season, April – September every year, you would be wise to think about your bookings now.

This is a spectacular event, and every year guests book accommodation with us, sometimes 10 months in advance, just to have the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants of the oceans.

However they fail to book their dives until they actually arrive into town, or only weeks prior. May I suggest that you plan your swim and dive as soon as you can. Do the research with the Whaleshark operators and get the best price and product for your needs.

There are no ‘duds’ amongst the operators and we have had great reviews from guests regarding all the dive companies in town. Some are listed below;

Ningaloo Whaleshark n Dive –

Ningaloo Blue –

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming –

Three Islands Marine Charters –

Ocean Eco Adventures –

Kings Ningaloo Reef  Tours –

Exmouth welcomes the Humpback Whales

Well the word is out, the Humpback whales are off the coast of Exmouth in their droves. The Ningaloo Marine Park is awash with humpbacks on their migratory run, seen frolicking in the waters of the Exmouth Gulf.

My sources also tell me that they were surrounded recently by a pod of humpback, mummy and baby included, when they were recently fishing off the Murion Islands this week. What a treat.

Your best vantage point is from your accommodation at ‘Humpback’. The owners were very sad to leave their loved home last week to make way for our first guests, who will currently have the privilege of sitting on their own beach at the house watching the whales just meters off the beach. Apparently they keep you up at night with their song…and love frolicking !!

Fishing Report – 11.08.2010

Well. It’s guaranteed: if I say the weather is good, it turns bad, so this week I will say it is bad in hope that next week it will improve! None the less, it has been calm of an evening and not too cold for winter.  Anglers have had the chance to ensure their gear is well and truly ready for when they get out on the water.

Are you a keen Spearfishing angler? Or, would you like to be? Apnea Australia are holding freediving courses on August 20th,21st,22nd here in Exmouth.  Learning how to freedive is a great experience and opens up a whole new world to people, whether it is for spearing or simply enjoying the scenery.  It’s not often we can get opportunities like this in Exmouth, so if you are interested, pop in to the store for more details.

Meanwhile, pictured this week is a sweet tasting bluebone, or black-spotted tuskfish that was speared off Exmouth last week by Matt Gates. The fish was one of many in the area and was enjoyed for dinner by all. Other species seen while diving included some coral trout and chimanan fish.  The waters have been clear and great for vision.  Spearfishing is selective and often misunderstood.  The EGFC will be holding a Spearfishing comp in December and aim to show how enjoyable, controlled and selective it can be for anglers willing to make the best from their day in the water and what they catch.

If you are boating about this week, please be careful of the speed humps…by that I mean the humpback whales. They have come in in droves and skippers should take extra care for themselves, crew, boat and whales!

Fishing is a good escape, especially from things such as politics: and haven’t we had a lot of that lately!  There has been countless emails sent out regarding what the likely outcomes are for recreational anglers, depending on who gets in. This is important and could mean massive closures without consultation.  If you do not know, then it is worthwhile finding out.  If you’re not sure, call in and see the print outs at the tackle shops in Exmouth.

Anyone is welcome to attend the clubhouse this coming weekend for the Ultra-Light Fishing Competition.  Come down to the EGFC clubhouse at the marina and see what has been caught or tagged and enjoy a meal or social catch-up while you’re there. Briefing is Friday the 20th, fishing is Sat and Sun and presentation is Sunday night.  It’s a bit like a mini-Gamex, with great opportunities for kids to be involved.

Blue Bone spear fished

Bundegi Beach

The beach of choice for locals after a hard days work or a hot day on the boat fishing. Just 10min drive from the Exmouthtown centre, Bundegi is blessed with perfect beach conditions.

A long sandy beach, just off the tip of the North West Cape, Bundegi Beach seems to get the least of all the wind, no matter which way it is blowing! Never crowded and family friendly, even great for the ‘well behaved’ dog.

Alot of the dive companies leave from this beach including the glass bottom boat. The Bundegi Boat ramp is a new addition to the beach and very welcome as well, cutting off alot of time when heading out to the Murion Islands.

You can often see turtles swimming in the shallows, and humpback whales swimming in the deep. Manta Rays when they are around are often seen off this beach. A true favourite and a must do when you are staying in Exmouth for your next holidays on the Ningaloo Reef.