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Accommodation for GAMEX and AIBT 2012

The Exmouth Game Fishing Club is getting itself organised for the 2012 season of GAMEX and AIBT. Last year we saw record numbers of boats and fishermen come into the town for this ever popular event. With accommodation at a premium I would like to urge you to book your holiday homes now. I still have some vacancy in some of our most popular homes.

A nice marlin caught off Exmouth

GAMEX dates- 10 March – 17 March

AIBT dates – 19 March – 25 March

Coral – sleeps 4 singles in two queen beds and two single beds. Tariff – $170 a night

Turtle – sleeps 2 singles in two queen beds. Tariff – $180 a night

Oyster – Sleeps 6 singles in two queen beds and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $180 a night

Tusk – only available from March 18 – 25. Sleeps up to 9 singles in one King bed, two queen beds, one single bed and 2×2 sets of bunks. Tariff – $230 – $320 a night

Mandu – ON THE CANALS and the closest holiday house to the Marina and the Exmouth Game Fishing Club. Why is this not booked!!?? Sleeps 6 singles in 3 King beds which unzip to make 6 King Singles. Tariff – $300 a night.

(Ningaloo Reef Holidays is a sponsor of GAMEX) See you all at the competition, make sure you introduce yourselves if I haven’t met you yet.


Whaleshark Swim Bookings

If you are coming to Exmouth during the Whaleshark season, April – September every year, you would be wise to think about your bookings now.

This is a spectacular event, and every year guests book accommodation with us, sometimes 10 months in advance, just to have the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants of the oceans.

However they fail to book their dives until they actually arrive into town, or only weeks prior. May I suggest that you plan your swim and dive as soon as you can. Do the research with the Whaleshark operators and get the best price and product for your needs.

There are no ‘duds’ amongst the operators and we have had great reviews from guests regarding all the dive companies in town. Some are listed below;

Ningaloo Whaleshark n Dive –

Ningaloo Blue –

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming –

Three Islands Marine Charters –

Ocean Eco Adventures –

Kings Ningaloo Reef  Tours –

Exmouth welcomes the Humpback Whales

Well the word is out, the Humpback whales are off the coast of Exmouth in their droves. The Ningaloo Marine Park is awash with humpbacks on their migratory run, seen frolicking in the waters of the Exmouth Gulf.

My sources also tell me that they were surrounded recently by a pod of humpback, mummy and baby included, when they were recently fishing off the Murion Islands this week. What a treat.

Your best vantage point is from your accommodation at ‘Humpback’. The owners were very sad to leave their loved home last week to make way for our first guests, who will currently have the privilege of sitting on their own beach at the house watching the whales just meters off the beach. Apparently they keep you up at night with their song…and love frolicking !!

Bundegi Beach

The beach of choice for locals after a hard days work or a hot day on the boat fishing. Just 10min drive from the Exmouthtown centre, Bundegi is blessed with perfect beach conditions.

A long sandy beach, just off the tip of the North West Cape, Bundegi Beach seems to get the least of all the wind, no matter which way it is blowing! Never crowded and family friendly, even great for the ‘well behaved’ dog.

Alot of the dive companies leave from this beach including the glass bottom boat. The Bundegi Boat ramp is a new addition to the beach and very welcome as well, cutting off alot of time when heading out to the Murion Islands.

You can often see turtles swimming in the shallows, and humpback whales swimming in the deep. Manta Rays when they are around are often seen off this beach. A true favourite and a must do when you are staying in Exmouth for your next holidays on the Ningaloo Reef.

February Accommodation Discounts – Ningaloo Reef

February is one of the BEST months to holiday in Exmouth on the Coral Coast. The Ningaloo Reef is crystal clear perfect, the beaches deserted, fishing pentiful, and the town is quiet.

Yes it is hot, but with all our homes fully airconditioned, and the cooling waters of the beach not far away, who cares!?

We are offering a free night with any booking of 4 nights or more for the month of February 2010. That is potentially a saving of nearly $200 a night in some homes.

With 6 homes, ready and waiting for you to book, right now is the perfect time for a trip to the Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth. Take a day trip to Coral Bay, or a fishing charter to the Murion Islands, or snorkel at Torquoise Bay.

By the way it is turtle season….There is lots happening on our beaches at night!

Fishing Report 17/07/09

boy with squid

boy with squid

Helby Bank continues to produce this year with yet another customer
reporting the catch and release of two marlin. The two fish were estimated
to be 60kg and 100kg. Amazingly they were caught accidently on a Rapala
CD14 and a Halco Laser Pro 190. Steve Good and young Steven Bailey were the
lucky anglers and they also caught two dolphin fish, which were taken home
for a fresh feed for dinner.

The reports this week from customers tell us that there are Chinamon fish in
big schools around the grounds west of the Muiron Islands. Red emperor have
been hard to find this week, but thankfully the sharks haven’t been so bad.
The running sinker rig in depths up to 40m has been working well when the
current and wind is not too strong. Squid has been the preferred bait.

The whales are showing up all over the place and the odd Mata Ray has been
sited by anglers in boats as well.

The queenfish have been found at the Muiron Islands and we strongly suggest
using barbless hooks on lures forthese fish…..just ask young Aiden Lerch…
he found out the hard way and ended up with a hook in his leg, with the other
hook on the lure in the fish! These fish can jump wildly and when there are
plenty in schools, you can catch them easily. They are not the best of
eating, so if you are to let them go, try and release them in the water with
pliers, rather than taking them out of the water to flip around on the deck.
Their gill plates come right up to their lower jaw, so using a single barbless
hook on the back of a chrome twisty gives you a good hook up, with minimal
damage to the fish. It also makes it easy to release them.

Fishing Report 14/07/09

Cod from Murion Island

Cod from Murion Island

How lucky are the tourists these school holidays? The weather has been
perfect since it began with little to no winds and warm tropical conditions.
This has made it easier for those getting out fishing on the water and
there’s been plenty of action about.

Sadly, the Department of Fisheries have informed me that there are many
people not knowing or abiding by the rules. Please make sure you know where
the sanctuary zones are, what the size and bag limits are and know what you
are keeping. If you are unsure, it is best to let the fish go. People are
also being caught without the correct safety equipment onboard their boat.
Everyone should do a safety check before leaving for the boat ramp, so that
you don’t get caught out in a precarious situation that could be life
threatening, not to mention an embarrassing situation if you get caught by
the authorities…

David Rumball sent us this weeks’ photo of a fish he caught the northen side
of the Muiron Islands. It was in about 25-30m of water and his words were
that it was a “Good day in my book, just to see that big fella swim off”
David was using a Penn 330 reel and squid bait.

Meanwhile, Justin Howlett has been fishing the marina catching Bluebone to
4kg and an 8kg estuary cod. Kids have been seen catching bream by the
dozen, but letting them all go. Young Aiden Lerch with his brother Callum
and cousin Oliver Holmes have been on holidays from NSW. They all caught
their first squid each and Callum caught a cobia off Bundegi using some of
the hardy head bait found gathering around the Bundegi Jetty. According to
the seasonal locals, the beach fishing has been quiet, but the moon phase
and tides next week should improve this.

The EGFC is holding a rigging/knot tying and casting session on Sunday 26th
of July at Town Beach from 230pm to around 4pm. Anyone is welcome to attend
and join in on the fun! Please bring your own rod and reel spooled ,and the
EGFC will supply you with a free casting plug thanks to Bluewater Tackle
World Exmouth. If you want to stay later or bring the family, why not fire
up the BBQ on Town Beach? The afternoon session is to encourage kids to
come along and learn more about fishing, but adults are welcome to come too
and learn or teach a thing or two.