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Qantas cheap airfares to Exmouth

You only have a few more days to access the cheap airfares to Exmouth. The special deals finish March 30th, but they may extend that special offer time frame.

Tickets are $129 each way. For flights between 4th May – 22nd June, and 26th July – 14th September.

All other flights are either $149 or $179 each way on the current introductory cheaper flights. So book now.

We are very grateful for the second airline, it really opens up the availability of flights into Exmouth and gives our guests more opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef.

Whalesharks have arrived on the Ningaloo Reef

A sighting of two whalesharks off the coastline last weekend has kickstarted the Whaleshark Season off a little early. No one is complaining as this is the highlight of the year for many tourists.

Travelling from waters unknown the gentle giant is present off the Ningaloo Reef coastline from April to June every year. They can often be up to 12m in lenght, with our two first whalesharks reportedly being around 4-5 meters.

May I advise you all to book your whaleshark dives and tours with the operators early as the boats only take so many and we would hate for your to miss out. The Exmouth Visitor Centre will be able to assist

Just a quick reminder that the Whaleshark Festival is on from May 28-30th. There will be lots of activities around town to inform and excite all our guests.

Happy whaleshark spotting!

Give support to the biggest fish in the ocean

Ningaloo Whale Shark Festival

To celebrate the Whale Shark season the week-end of 9-10 May is the Ningaloo Whale Shark Festival.

If you are down this way on your Ningaloo holiday just head down to the Talanjee Oval, Murat Road in Exmouth you will come across a special family event.

Entry is free and I gather there will be ballons, show bags, face painting, bouncy castle, dancing and a kids corner with painting, beading and other activities. Sounds like fun doesn’t it.