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Short Term Accommodation in Exmouth

All our holiday homes in Exmouth are subject to minimum night stays. Each owner decides what they feel is appropriate to their home and their requirements.  None of our homes have minimum night stay requirements of under 3 nights.

Homes accepting 3 nights or more – Coral, Turtle and Marlin

Homes accepting 4 nights or more – Amberjack, Frangipani, Driftwood, Oyster, Jurabi, Tusk.

Homes accepting 5 nights or more – Mandu Villa

Homes accepting 7 nights or more – Cobia and Seabird.

Please note that on the cheaper homes there is a loading for shorter night stays to cover the costs of the cleaning of the home (which is the same cost regardless of whether you stay 14 nights or 3 nights.) Remember these are houses the same size as a full home, they are not hotel rooms, so they take time to clean in between guests, hence the additional costs.

We cannot accept one or two night bookings due to the low tariffs we charge and the high costs to maintain a home.


Petroleum Exploration in the Exmouth Gulf

Please find attached information regarding the proposed petroleum exploration in Exmouth Gulf. Tender closes 10th March. For further information contact:

Community information re Exmouth Gulf exploration (smaller)

Whaleshark Swim Bookings

If you are coming to Exmouth during the Whaleshark season, April – September every year, you would be wise to think about your bookings now.

This is a spectacular event, and every year guests book accommodation with us, sometimes 10 months in advance, just to have the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants of the oceans.

However they fail to book their dives until they actually arrive into town, or only weeks prior. May I suggest that you plan your swim and dive as soon as you can. Do the research with the Whaleshark operators and get the best price and product for your needs.

There are no ‘duds’ amongst the operators and we have had great reviews from guests regarding all the dive companies in town. Some are listed below;

Ningaloo Whaleshark n Dive –

Ningaloo Blue –

Ningaloo Reef Dreaming –

Three Islands Marine Charters –

Ocean Eco Adventures –

Kings Ningaloo Reef  Tours –

Often Asked Questions on Exmouth

The Ningaloo Reef experience is different for all. Here are some of my most often asked questions regarding what to do in Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef.

Q. We have small children. What is there for them to do in town?

A. If you are holidaying in summer the town pool is open. There is also a fantastic mini golf set up in the centre of town. Plenty of parks with playgrounds. Always go to the library and check out the activities that may be organised for the school holidays. Small towns like Exmouth have great volunteer groups running a wide variety of projects all year round.

Q. How far is the Ningaloo Reef from my accommodation?

A. Every week I get asked this! Exmouth is not directly on the reef. You will need transport to visit the best reef beaches and dives.

Q. When can I see the Turtles?

A. Turtles are everywhere pretty much all year round. You are best to contact the Conservation and Land Management office in town on Nimitz St and they will provide you with a gallery of photos, brochures and information. My favourite is summer when they are laying their eggs in the sand dunes.

My Ningaloo Reef Holiday

I just got this text message through on my mobile this morning…I thought I would share it with you all…enjoy!

Hi Helen,

We just had a fabulous sunset whale watch cruise, with Ningaloo Whale Shark and Dive!! Highly recommended. Saw heaps of whales close up in a pod and also a mother teaching her calf to breach – unbelievable !!! Got burnt snorkelling at Turquoise Bay yesterday, had a fab time though. Kids and I felt like Nemo as we followed a loggerhead turtle swimming lazily while many slver fish cleaned its shell. Off to Coral Bay today with a heavy layer of sunscreen and tshirts…how attractive!! Lianne

I just love it when guests are having a great time in our wonderful Exmouth.

You can contact Ningaloo Whaleshark and Dive on:

 Phone: 9949 1116  Freecall: 1800 224 060

email:   website:

Bundegi Beach

The beach of choice for locals after a hard days work or a hot day on the boat fishing. Just 10min drive from the Exmouthtown centre, Bundegi is blessed with perfect beach conditions.

A long sandy beach, just off the tip of the North West Cape, Bundegi Beach seems to get the least of all the wind, no matter which way it is blowing! Never crowded and family friendly, even great for the ‘well behaved’ dog.

Alot of the dive companies leave from this beach including the glass bottom boat. The Bundegi Boat ramp is a new addition to the beach and very welcome as well, cutting off alot of time when heading out to the Murion Islands.

You can often see turtles swimming in the shallows, and humpback whales swimming in the deep. Manta Rays when they are around are often seen off this beach. A true favourite and a must do when you are staying in Exmouth for your next holidays on the Ningaloo Reef.

Where’s the Beach?

In Exmouth the townsite is set back from the beach on the gulf side. This is to ensure that the if…and I mean if…a cyclone hits the town that the buildings and homes will be safe. So when guests ask me ‘is my accommodation on the beach front?’ we need to make it clear that nothing is actually on the beach front.

Nothing that a brisk walk won’t sort out, or a quick minute or two drive to the Town Beach or Sunset Beach. The gulf beaches are great for a walk and a ‘dip’, or to maybe catch the odd mudcrab on, but are certainly not the postcard beaches that we all expect from the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.

Every beach on the reef side of the peninsula is picture perfect and tourquise blue. This is where all the action is and the wonderful marine life that we are expecting. But recently whilst sitting at Bundegi Beach I was thrilled to see turtles, whales, fish, and the full gamet of Ningaloo life!

Enjoy all the beaches, but remember, they are not on your doorstep. All the good things take a little effort!

February Accommodation Discounts – Ningaloo Reef

February is one of the BEST months to holiday in Exmouth on the Coral Coast. The Ningaloo Reef is crystal clear perfect, the beaches deserted, fishing pentiful, and the town is quiet.

Yes it is hot, but with all our homes fully airconditioned, and the cooling waters of the beach not far away, who cares!?

We are offering a free night with any booking of 4 nights or more for the month of February 2010. That is potentially a saving of nearly $200 a night in some homes.

With 6 homes, ready and waiting for you to book, right now is the perfect time for a trip to the Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth. Take a day trip to Coral Bay, or a fishing charter to the Murion Islands, or snorkel at Torquoise Bay.

By the way it is turtle season….There is lots happening on our beaches at night!

Turtles of Ningaloo Reef

October is the mating season for the turtles in the Ningaloo area.

Up here we see the Green Turtle, Loggerheads and the Hawksbills.  These turtles will mate close to shore.

From November to March the females come into the beach and lay their soft eggs in the sand.  The sex of the baby turtles is determined by the temperature of the sand in which they are buried.

Warm sand helps to hatch our female turtles.

It is very important that the turtles are not disturbed so it’s  best to see them with a qualified guide.

Jurai Turtle Centre is an educational facility where you can learn all about turtles.  It is a great place to visit and seeing the turtles is a very special part of the Ningaloo holiday experience.